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Delhi, what a surprise!

I was pleasantly surprised by Delhi, India’s capital, that has a bit of the traditional India and something of the Western World.

Agra: Taj Mahal and more

Visit to the Taj Mahal and the red fort, both Unesco Heritage Sites, and other important and beautiful monuments in Agra, India.

Venice Carnival

Pictures and a short story of the Carnival in Venice and its famous masks and costumes; the Carnival is one of the best times to visit Venice.

Baba and the Diwali

Talks about philosophy with a baba by the Gange in Varanasi; looking at Diwali celebrations from the roof of the guesthouse.

Verona, the City of Love

Verona is considered one of the most romantic cities in Italy and for Valentine’s Day there’s a festival dedicated to love

Fountains of Rome

Many fountains in Rome are true pieces of art, designed and sculptured by some of the most famous artists. Here are my favorite.

Street kids in Kolkata

Some sad stories of children I met in Kolkata that live with very little money, far away from their families, doing what they can to survive.

Golden Circle

First day in Iceland driving around the Golden Circle, fascinated by the beauties of Thingvellir, Geyser and Gullfoss, and any corner of the island.

Golden Rock

Visit to Mt. Kyaiktiyo, also known as Golden Rock, one of the main pilgrimage sites of the Buddhist community of Myanmar.

India Culture shock

It was a bit of a shock to enter in India (Darjeeling) after Nepal; there’s a big difference, on the street, in the way people treat foreigners.


A day in Janakpur before I enter India; the experience is slightly different from the rest of Nepal, you can tell you are near the border.

Towards Janakpur

Another long day on top of a bus to get to Janakpur. The view from the bus gives you a good introduction to daily life in Nepal


A pleasant, relaxing and much needed stop in Tansen on the way to Janakpur, in Nepal, where I will cross the border to India.

Of castles of straw

Swinging on a hammock in the Bardia National Park, I think about the comfort of home, but I dream about the cool places I’m going to see soon.


Diary from the first day in Nepal, visiting Kathmandu and surrounding area.

Bolsena Infiorata

Pictures from the Infiorata in Bolsena, a celebration of the Corpus Christi where the town is embellished with amazing drawings made with flowers


A few days in Pokhara enjoying nature and planning a trekking on the Annapurna.

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