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A journey is lived three times: when you dream it, when you live it, when you remember it.

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I like to arrange my trips on my own; usually I buy a guidebook, I book the flight and the first night and I go, the rest of the journey is decided day by day. This way I have no limits and I can follow my heart (or the suggestions of people I meet on the way). This means that sometimes I waste time, because if the trip is not completely booked or if you are traveling on public transportation, it’s not always possible to find the bus on the day you want to travel for example.

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But it doesn’t matter. If I have to stop one extra day in a place, I don’t see it as a waste of time. It’s a way to get to know better the place, to visit it with more time and in a relaxed way, almost like a local.

Here on the right for example we were just arrived in Nepal from Tibet. In the picture there’s Hilde, that I met in China and with which I visited Tibet and a bit of Nepal. The first day we entered Nepal we waited for a long time for a bus, that wasn’t arriving. So we accepted to hire a 4×4 that was a bit more expensive, but it looked like there were no other options.

After a few kilometers from the border we found some landslides that blocked the door; we had to get off, cross the landslides on food, and on the other side we hopped on some buses that were turning around (finding the road blocked) and going back to Kathmandu. They were super full, so we had to go on the roof of one of these buses and we were also caught in the rain. At the end it took us almost one day to get to Kathmandu from the border with Tibet, that is only about 100 km away. But it is one of the best memories I have.

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Hi! I’m Katty

I love traveling, I think diversities are a surplus, I like to know different cultures, try exotic food, see and photograph all the beauty the World has to offer.


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slow travel

slow travel

I’m a fan of slow travel.

If I want to visit a country that is far away, I fly there, but then I only travel by bus or train.

In India I spent 30 or more hours on trains to go from one place to the other. I’d rather visit less places and focus in one location, to know it better and to feel less hit adn run tourist.

And I discovered the best experience are when I walk.

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Sometimes there’s no public transportation, and I’m forced to take a local taxi. But that’s also part of the experience.

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When I visit a new country if there’s the chance to do some trekking I take. The three days from Inle Lake to Kalaw are the best experience I had in Myanmar. Even the unplanned hike in Torres del Paine was a nice surprise. But the trekking in Nepal is to date the memory that makes my heart beat faster.

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