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Hi! I’m Katty

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About Me

Hello, I’m Katty and there’s not a lot to tell about me… or is there? Not so long ago my cousin turned 20 and I realized he’s 21 years younger than me. Which means he’s got his best years ahead of him. And I thought… if I were allowed to go back, what would I do differently? Probably nothing. And that is a really good feeling.

Back to me: I was born and have lived in a small town in Vicenza (North-East Italy) most of my life; now I’m here with my boyfriend and two cats (and a baby since 2021).

I love traveling and photography; this blog is not meant to be a travel-guide. I’m just sharing what I experience during my trips in Italy and abroad. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

My story

I have always loved traveling. While I was studying (law) at university, I didn’t have a lot of money, plus I could only travel in Summer. Still, I did some nice trips in those years: an Inter-rail (a 20 day trip by train) first in the UK and Ireland, than in the Scandinavian countries; tour of Spain by car, tour of Italy by car the following year. I also spent one year studying in Paris, thanks to the Erasmus student exchange program: great experience.

But when I graduated I finally felt free to do what I liked most. Before I started to look for a job, I told myself that I wanted to travel a bit. Because I had never traveled alone, I decided to start as a volunteer in Chile; I was for two months in this hogar de ninos, and one month traveling South, down to Patagonia.


I think that this clicked something into me, because once I went back, I could not stand still. After a few months working in the Registry Office of my Hometown, I decided that was not the life I wanted. So I moved to London. I came back one year later, because I was tired of working in restaurants and Starbucks. Meanwhile I was accepted for an internship at the European Council in Brussels, so I spent 4 months there. Lovely city. Once it was finished, I went back to Italy. But 6 months later I was in London again. I worked in a pub for a year, than I got a job in a travel agency. My dream job. I enjoyed it for a couple of years: once a month I traveled somewhere in the UK, every 2 months I flew back home, and every 6 months I traveled abroad. I visited Morocco, Thailand, Japan, China, Jordan.

At one point I got tired of London. I missed Italy, the warmth of its people, and my family and friends. So I came back. But, once again, before I started looking for a job I wanted to take a long trip. So I went to Asia. I traveled from Hong Kong to Chennay, in South-East India, via Tibet and Nepal. It was a life-changing experience. For the people that I met and the places I visited.

fotografo arzignano
katty piazza, about

Once I got back to Italy I looked for a job. But due to the recession, I could not find anything. Or maybe I didn’t try hard enough. So I had to re-invent myself and started working as a freelancer. First as translator (English to Italian), than as Social Media Manager for www.lifeinitaly.com. I wasn’t earning great money, but I loved my job because I could tell people about the country that I love, I could manage my time and I get to travel whenever I wanted (well, once I was able to save enough money). So I’m very thankful to the recession: it saved my life.

Since I’ve come back to Italy, I have visited Tanzania, alone again, then I fell in love, so I’ve been to the Dominican Republic and Haiti, Iran, Cuba, Georgia and Armenia, around Italy with Luca, Morocco with friends.

In 2019 I started to photograph families and events professionally. In 2021 I had a baby, so our travels have changed a lot. In 2022 we did two train trips in Switzerland and around Europe. We are still hoping to travel as much as possible, I am sure our boy will thank us for it!

The name

Some people think that Tia is my name (it does exist in English). It’s not. My name is Katty Piazza. I got this nickname from an amazing experience I had in Chile, working as a volunteer in a children orphanage/institution (Koinomadelfia). The children called me tia Katty; tia is aunt in Spanish, and I loved it so much that it became the nickname for my gmail and, from then on, for all my social profiles.


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favorite stories


Every time I read about the trip in Haiti, from the night we spent on a boat just after the border to the long hours spent on buses just to do a few kilometers, I get a bit anxious. I don’t know if I would be able to repeat this trip, one of the most adventorous so far.

fotografo arzignano

Unfortunately my grandparents are not physically here anymore, but their spirits are with me all the time.


In Nepal I spent an amazing day on the roof of a bus from Kathmandu to Pushkar, and during this time alone I had some nice thoughts…

It?s Going to be Awesome!

come with me!