Photography walk at the lake of the Colli Berici

I don’t know if Fimon Lake was always this pretty, but in the last couple of years I’ve found it really charming.

It’s one of the few lakes of Vicenza, of glacier origins, surrounded by hills on three sides, beautiful in Summer as in Winter (and what about the Autumn colors?). It has a long history, dating back to the Neolitic, and nearby have been discovered some interesting archaeological finds.

It’s rich in fauna and flora, I personally love the rushes by the water, the water lilies, the mallards and swans that get closer in the hope of getting some bread (even though this habit they have is not really healthy, I suppose).

The parking area, where the road arrives, is East and South of the lake. The parking at the end of the road is often full, but there’s another parking in the south, at the beginning of the lake, that seems quite big and not that busy.

The walk

There’s a nice walk that you can take around the lake, a dirt road of about 5 kilometers (3 miles), all flat, easy to walk or to ride on a bike. We did it in little more than one hour, but you should take it more slowly and enjoy its peace and tranquility. It’s mostly in the shade, so it’s ok to walk there even in the hottest days (but I chose to go just before sunset to take advantage of the better light).

The side opposite the parking areas is less charming than the East side, I think, because you can’t really see the lake, the road is separated from the water by a thick vegetation. But there are some nice areas with benches where you can enjoy a picnic with your friends or read a book, also because less people walk down there. The sides at East and South are lovely and they offer very picturesque views.

On all sides you can often meet fishermen with their small boats, great photography subjects, and nice to see for everyone. Fishing is permitted, and you can also camp there for a maximum of two nights (only if fishing though).

Fimon is great for a bike ride around the lake; and it’s well connect through a cycling path and quiet roads to the Riviera Berica and Vicenza. I’m going to take my bike there one day.

Dining and drinking at Fimon Lake

There are some cafes and restaurants near the lake, in the area where the parkings are, and one café is right by the water; clearly on Summer Sundays they are busy.

We had an aperitiv by the lake but went for dinner at Pierina’s, an agrioturism at about two kilometers from the lake. It’s a lovely place, with tables under a portico and vine trees, with chickens and other animals running freely in the courtyard.

I recommend you book in advance, their spit roast is quite famous (and really good); it’s open Friday to Sunday, April to October or November, I can’t remember.

I would say that Fimon Lake is the perfect place for a Sunday stroll in the nature, or ride, or for simply relaxing.