Family portraits at the beach

Family portraits at the beach

photography session

family portraits

family portrait session at the beach

 I love the beach. The sand between the fingers and the sound of the waves just relax me.

The beach also has a nostalgic feeling to me. When I was little, we only took pictures at birthdays or while on holiday, and that is why most of the pictures I have of my younger self are at the beach. 

There’s little to say, the beach and the sea are very seductive, in every season. 

For this reason I like to shoot at the beach when I can.

foto al mare
Fotografo gravidanza Arzignano
servizio fotografico famiglia al mare
servizio fotografico famiglia in spiaggia
foto per festa della mamma
fotografia famiglia
foto per festa della mamma
fotografia famiglia
festa della mamma
ritratti di famiglia
festa della mamma
ritratti di famiglia
ritratto di famiglia
servizio fotografico famiglia al mare
servizio fotografico famiglia al mare
servizio fotografico famiglia al mare
ritratto di famiglia
servizio fotografico famiglia al mare
servizio fotografico famiglia al mare
servizio fotografico famiglia al mare
servizio fotografico famiglia al mare

Our children grow up so quickly, don’t let time fly by without creating photography memories. 

If you are interested in a shooting with your family at the beach near Venice, contact me at: or 338 7732357

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Photography at time of Coronavirus

Photography at time of Coronavirus

photography at time of


how I keep myself busy with photography in lockdown

We’ve been on lockdown now for more than one month in Italy, due to Coronavirus.

We are only allowed to leave our home to go to the supermarket or to pharmacy’s.

As someone that has photography as a profession and a hobby, I had the need to find a way to continue practicing.

Here is what I did.

Chasing light 

photography during coronavirus: chasing light at home

First thing I did was search for the light that could make the everyday life look interesting. 

chasing light photography

In the afternoon I get nice light in the living room and kitchen.

I also looked for something nice in the balcony. 

chasing light at home during lockdown
chasing light in photography

One morning I woke up at 6.30 and found this light in the kitchen. It’s a shame I am never up this early.

chasing light during lockdown

Nature in the garden

photographing a tree near home at time of coronavirus

We are allowed to take short walks close to home. 

One day that I went to throw the glass into the bin, I saw this beautiful tree. 

infiorata bolsena
coronavirus photography

Spring is my favorite season and it’s very hard for me not to be able to photograph nature waking up after the Winter.

I’m glad I at least had this close to home.

photography at time of coronavirus

food photography 

The activity that requested more creativity from my part and that gave me more satisfaction was photographing some food I had so much time to cook. 

food photography in quarantine
food photography in lockdown

After a long time I started to cook again, mainly cakes, and my boyfriend is happy.

As backdrop I used a wooden board that I had prepared with this purpose some time ago, with two different colors on the two sides. The dark one is my favorite.

I had to think of props to add to the picture, how to take different pictures every time. And it was fun. 

pancake photographed to contrast boredome during lockdown
food photography at time of lockdown

All this food photography, the planning, the cooking or baking, the setting, and the actual photographing, helped me a lot to fight the boredom that comes at times of lockdown, when you are forced to stay at home all the time.

Often after lunch I can’t take my usual nap because I think of the pictures I want to take and get excited and can’t sleep.

food photography in lockdown
photography in lockdown
photography during the coronavirus lockdown
lockdown photography
food photography at time of coronavirus
food photography at time of coronavirus: fruit tarts
food photography: tarts

One afternoon I spent hours photographing these fruit tarts, on a white backdrop. I don’t like very much the “flat lay”, the picture from above, it’s too white, simple, dispersive. I tried to add props, flowers, some green, but no, I don’t like it. I prefer the close ups, they are fuller.

I took some photos, looked at them on the pc screen, than photographed again doing some changes to the compositions that I liked more: some more flowers, the cup a bit closer to the dish and from a different angle, and hours passed. Without a picture that made me think “there it is”.

food photography: tarts flat lay

At one point a beam of light got onto my set, and the image changed completely. All previous pictures lost value to my eye; even though there were a few that I would save, they were nothing compared to the new images I had with this beam of light. 

It’s amazing how light, even feeble and minimal, can change things.

This was light reflected from a window, not direct light. If you have the chance, try to compare them: the reflected light is much softer, you barely notice it, while direct light makes very strong contrast. They create completely different effects. They are both good, but different. 

lockdown food photography: tarte
lockdown food photography
lockdown food photography: tarte

self portraits

Next I’m going to try to take some self portraits with a tripod.

It will be more challenging for me because I don’t like very much to be on the other side of the lens, but we shall see.

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Photographing after the rain

Photographing after the rain


after the rain

photography tips

Rain is great for photography, you have the chance to capture something different.

When it rains you can shoot unusual subjects (reflections, rain drops) and the light is amazing.

Last week it rained a lot in Arzignano.

When it finally stopped, I was happy to go for a walk and take some pictures.

Reflections in puddles are quite common.

I added to this classic image the lines of the guard rail that guide the look to the sun, to create a different composition.

When I mentioned the light, I was thinking of this. 

In the picture below I loved the light and the striped curtains.

When it rains colors are brighter, in particular greens, yellows and orange.

The sun was setting, and I liked that this no entry sign was in the light, surrounded by shade. 

Sun reflecting on window and somebody bronze.

This has little to do with rain, but it’s an alley in Arzignano that I always photograph this time of the year.

of course this wasn’t the first time I photographed Arzignano after the rain. 

Below are some pictures I took in the past.

This was just a short display of how you can find something pretty to photograph in your own backyard, and if you can take advantage of great light, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity!

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