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fotografo vicenza


fotografo vicenza

Let’s go!


fotografo arzignano


fotografo arzignano


berat balkans


fotografo vicenza


foto viaggio londra


chefchaouen, morocco

Favorite Pictures

Erg Chebbi, Morocco. Probably I wouldn’t go back to the desert in Morocco on a tour from Marrakech, like we did that time. But sunset in the desert is always worth it.

A monastery on the hills of Gjrokaster, Albania.

I love everything about Albania, it’s so rich in places little known waiting to be discovered!

Loved the landscape in the mountains of Georgia. Snowy peaks, wild flowers, peace.

Bagan, Myanmar. I’m non an early morning person, but waking up at 4.30am, followed by 30 minutes riding a wrecked bike, plus 45 minutes waiting with a crowd, to witness this, I would do it again (maybe not every day, but a couple of times per year definitely so).

It’s Going to be Perfect!

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