New York Stopover

New York Stopover

March 10, 2014

New York: so much love! I realised on the plane that we could have stayed a couple of days in New York. Well, it will be for another time.

Starbucks. The 3,50 USD best spent: a coffee and a nice bathroom where I can pee and wash my hands. A comfy sofa to rest my tired feet. And a huge window from where to watch people passing by.

March 11 2014, 6.40 am (11.40 in Italy)

At JFK, waiting for boarding.

Considering that I slept only a couple of hours (the floor of the airport was so cold!) I’m not too bad. I hope they will soon give me something to eat, and something decent, if I don’t ask too much. Luckily last night a guy on the metro woke us up and told us to change train to go to the airport, or we would still be on that train. We were so tired that we both fell asleep very deeply. From 4pm (it took some time to get out of the airport, among checks and metro) to 10pm we walked all Manhattan, from the lake in Central Park (still frozen), to Chinatown, passing through the Fifth Avenue, the Rockfeller Centre, Times Square, the Central Station (that I love) and we even crossed the Brooklyn Bridge, as if we weren’t tired enough. So romantic (but we were actually too tired to be romantic).



On the plane towards a warmer weather. My seat is not convenient for the toilet, I’ve got to ask the guy sitting next to me to stand up and I don’t want to. My feet are hot, the trousers are slightly torn (my mom complained that they were stained before I left, nevermind) and glued to my butt. Luca is seated five rows behind. When I turn I can see his thin hair. I wonder how he’s coping alone with foreign languages. We’ve been flying for one hour I think. I don’t know what time we took off, I fell asleep before boarding was over. The plane is completely full, many black people, I don’t know if Dominicans going home or Americans going on a holiday. Come on, bring me my coffe so I can go back to sleep.

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