May 24, 2012

These were two difficult days. I’m in Arusha, trying to find a group to join for the safari. I didn’t want to do a safari, but all those I talked to were enthusiastic about it, so I also want to see. Maybe I found someone that will take me tomorrow. But until I’ve been and I’m back safe and sound I am not sure, because many “travel agencies” trick the tourists.

The search was very stressfull because the streets are full of people that approach you to take you to “their” agency where there’s a group that leaves the next day, which is not true most times. They get a commission for every client they make. I gave a deposit to an agency called “Uhurutreks” and I spoke to a Jasper S. Mtei, so if you don’t hear from me you know where to start looking.

I’ve been here for 2 days and I’ve never walked more than 500 m alone. Probably now that I have booked (and everyone in Arusha now knows that the Italian girl looking for a 4 day safari has finally booked) it will be quieter.

For five days I’ll have no wifi, I’ll be with lions and elephants. 5 days because this was my only option. It’s low season, it’s difficult to find other people to share the trip with. I hope I won’t get bored. There’s a couple in my hotel that was still deciding if going alone or in group, and when I saw them at midday they seemed more desperate than I. They took refuge at the Africafé for a few hours, away from the crazy people of the streets. I was also at the Africafé, lovely coffee, freshly ground, strong aroma. It tasted of Africa.

arusha cafè

In the afternoon my friend Ebo took me to play fresbee. It was the first time I saw a match of ULTIMATE FRESBEE. Cool! Much more fun than just passing the fresbee in a circle. When I go back to Italy I want to play. For the first time since I arrived in Tanzania I saw black and whites together for something that was not related to money or business, but just for a common passion. Later, in the usual restaurant, where I was the only westerner, I had rice with grilled chicken.

ultimate freesbee ad arusha

The hotel barman is dancing Bob Marley. Because I told him I like the song, he played it again. Last night we listened to the same song for at least 15 times. Going back to dinner, it was boiled rice with a soup to add on top, half grilled chicken and some vegetables. My friend had some skewers and grilled bananas (dipped in “pili pili”, chili). I don’t like the bananas much, they are hard and tasteless. See you in 5 days, ciao!