after the rain

photography tips

Rain is great for photography, you have the chance to capture something different.

When it rains you can shoot unusual subjects (reflections, rain drops) and the light is amazing.

Last week it rained a lot in Arzignano.

When it finally stopped, I was happy to go for a walk and take some pictures.

Reflections in puddles are quite common.

I added to this classic image the lines of the guard rail that guide the look to the sun, to create a different composition.

When I mentioned the light, I was thinking of this. 

In the picture below I loved the light and the striped curtains.

When it rains colors are brighter, in particular greens, yellows and orange.

The sun was setting, and I liked that this no entry sign was in the light, surrounded by shade. 

Sun reflecting on window and somebody bronze.

This has little to do with rain, but it’s an alley in Arzignano that I always photograph this time of the year.

of course this wasn’t the first time I photographed Arzignano after the rain. 

Below are some pictures I took in the past.

This was just a short display of how you can find something pretty to photograph in your own backyard, and if you can take advantage of great light, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity!

It’s Going to be Perfect!

vieni con me!