June 16, 2012

Dear Paola,

do you remember that time when coming back from the Etna we heard “Obsession” by Aventura on the radio? It was one of the first time we heard it and we liked it a lot; it wasn’t popular in our town yet, we could only hear it on the radio in the South of Italy. We stopped the car to dance by the road. Or maybe it is not true, but the wish to do it was so strong that in my memories it’s like it happened for real. I listened to it a few days ago, on my old mp3 that I only use when I’m traveling. So I thought about you.

Here it is. I like to travel alone, I think it’s easier to approach locals and be approached if you are alone, people are more curious and less shy. But it’s also nice to share beautiful moments with people you love. I have good memories, but you know my memory is not the best. Maybe for this reason I write. Maybe one day I will read my diaries and will think “really, I was in Tanzania??”. I’m a solitary person, but I need to talk to someone from time to time; and sometimes I get tired of writing. I spent a few boring afternoons in Lindi, there was no one to entertain me. I had taken the habit to watch terrible South-American soap operas. Now I’m much better. What I mean is that traveling is not always a bed of roses. And being alone makes you realize how precious the friendships you have at home are. This is all. Say hello to my other friends and my family. Tell them you are always with me.