May 19, 2012

11.30 am

Life is beautiful! I went to visit a Lutheran church built by Germany at the beginning of the 20th Century and I saw a wedding! Women were beautiful dressed in their traditional dresses (those less skinny), in elegant long dresses or tight dresses (those that can wear them). And red shoes seem in fashion here. I sat in a shaded corner with the drivers to watch the beautiful procession.

11.45 I cried when I saw the bride walking towards the church, with the music band and the other ladies singing and dancing around her. It was so cheerful!

2pm. I’m at Coco Beach. It’s a resort along the beach a bit north of Dar es Salaam that during the weekend fills up with locals coming to enjoy the beach and bath (men and women all dressed) on black giant doughnuts. Skewers with chips on the beach for lunch. Yummy!

I met Rashid. He’s nice. Maybe because he’s the only one so far that hasn’t approached me to offer his guiding services. He comes from a village near Tanganyka Lake, South-West of the country. He tried to teach me some Swahili, but I can’t, it’s too difficult for me and I guess I got too old to learn new languages.