I miss writing on my blog.

I used to write a lot during my travels. At some point I even thought I could make some money from it, then I realized it’s very unlikely. Writing has always been for me a way to keep memories and to keep mom informed about my adventures. I also hoped that with my writings, sharing my experiences I could bring those cultures, those different people and food and places closer to the people that don’t travel much.

It’s been a while now. Not because I haven’t traveled, in the last 10 months I have been to Myanmar and Georgia, plus various places in Italy.

I think it’s because I have a boyfriend, and writing was also a way to talk, when you don’t have many people around to talk to.

I also don’t write that much on my travel diary anymore. It’s such a shame! I don’t do it often, but when I read my old travel diaries, it’s like going back to the place.

At the moment I’m spending hours on my pictures. Photography has become my greatest passion. Pictures also take me back to the place and the emotions I had when I shot the picture. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I’m never completely satisfied with them. I have plenty of room to improve.

For this reason I have started a portfolio website, but because I never managed to finish editing all the best pictures from a trip, the website is also unfinished.

So, I am a mess, as usual. I see all these digital nomad and I think I will never be one of them because I am not well organized.

But tonight I’m writing. To let you know that I’m editing the pictures from the trek in Myanmar because I want to write about it. And probably I messed up my external drive. Pictures lost? Hopefully not.