November 19, 2010

I haven’t written since my birthday. But I feel like in McLeod Ganj I haven’t done much deserving to be shared.

What I like about this place is that it doesn’t look like India at all. It’s full ot Tibetan refugees. But they don’t live secluded in a sort of residence like I’ve seen in Nepal and Darjeeling, they live in a town and they are well integrated. Of course, it’s not Tibet and it will never be the same, but they seem happy. And they’ve got their beloved Dalai Lama here with them.

There are many tourists and the main pastime seems to be chatting. Tibetans talk a lot to Westerners, to share their story. And there are many journalists too. So I felt a bit out of turn, I didn’t want to be part of the crowd. I talked only once to a guy at a restaurant, 40 years old I believe, that hasn’t married yet because in McLeod Ganj there’s lack of women. He fled Tibet 16 years ago. Now he can’t go back because he was an activist and he would be arrested.

Tibetans are beautiful, I forgot how it’s pleasant to stay around them.

I took a massage and a reiki course during the 5 days I spent in the cold of these mountains. I liked the massage one. Maybe because the teacher was actually good looking. Reiki I don’t know. It’s a healing practice that utilizes the energy that passes between bodies. The teacher didn’t seem professional and I hate how he breathed. And reiki involves too much meditation. I should do 21 days of “self healing”, but because it takes 72 minutes each time, I haven’t started yet.

While he was “healing” me, I had to focus on the 7 chakra, the poins of… energy maybe? that govern the rest of the body? Something like this. But he didn’t explain anything!

The first chakra is at vagina level. “What can I write on the blog?” I was thinking when he asked me to focus there.

“Please concentrate on your second chakra”, Sha… I can’t remember how it’s called. A bit below the belly-button. Ohhmmmmm…. I need to pee.

3rd chakra. 2 fingers above navel. I’m getting hungry.

4th chakra, at sternum level. How long since the last time a man touched me?

5th chakra, throat. I’m getting thirsty.

6th chakra, fronthead. Here I could almost focus, maybe because I had to cross my closed eyes and this put me on a trance.

7th and last chakra, on top of the head. “Hasn’t it finished yet?”.

No, I wasn’t a good student. I hope he was good enough to open my chakra on his own, because I wasn’t very helpful. And he kept telling me “feel the good energy opvj” opvj? what’s opvj? How could I focus with someone talking like this?

The whole time I was thinking abotu Sibel. She’s a girl I met in London a few months before I left. She’s Turkish and worked at my same trave l agency; we were introduced by Patrizia, from Sardinia, because she had a spare room in her apartment. Sibel is also using Reiki. And being close to her gives me the goosebumps. She’s so peaceful and serene, I would have spent hours talking with her. About energy, aura, cats and witches. She seduced me when she said that she believes I was also a witch in a past life. Wow, wouldn’t it be cool? I remember she told me that because during Inquisition witches suffered a lot and died in horrible ways, when they reincarnate they prefer to erase their memories and forget about their magic. Apparently for this reason I’m allergic to cats, despite loving them. So beware of me, I can be dangerous!

Anyway, witches aside, I loved Sibel.