March 9, 2014

I’m at my parents’ garage saying goodbye to my cats. I’m sorry, for a few weeks they will sleep alone. But during the day they will have a lot of fun. They will be able to run around my parents’ garden.

I’m anxious and right now I don’t really want to go. Why should one want to travel when you can stay home and travel by reading a good book? I had the same feeling with Tanzania. Just before the departure I didn’t want to go anymore. That was my first time in Africa (I exclude Morocco because it doesn’t feel like Africa much) and I was a bit scared because I didn’t know what to expect. This time what scares me is that the Domincan Republic is considered “not ready” to host independent travelers, that in some forums you are advised to be cautious, because they will try to take advantage of you, it’s complicated to travel, and so on. Actually the fact that it’s not easy to travel is one of the things that convinced me to go. Adventure and the unknown attract me and at the same time scare me. Anyway, if I wasn’t a bit excited at the time of leaving, it wouldn’t be an adventure, would it? And by now I know this is how I feel, and that I will love the trip and will forget about my perplexity.

And now I must go.