April 7, 2014


I don’t want to leave this place. We are on the terrace, reading, while the sun goes to sleep at the bottom of the ocean.

Today we’ve been to the Playa Grande, at about 10 kilometers North from here. It’s easy to get there on a gua-gua from Rio San Juan. We passed by a golf course.

The beach is beautiful; the dunes formed by the wind gave the impression to be in the desert. And the waves were so strong they took off your swimming suit and earrings. There were very few locals at the beach. It seemed more like a place for tourists or rich people, there’s a sunbeds and umbrellas rental service, and a nice swimming pool right behind the beach, surrounded by gazebo where those with money can go get changed or relax in the shade.

An amazing beach, but maybe too luxurious for us. There are some stalls selling food and drinks, but too expensive, considering you are in the Dominican Republic.

Playa Grande a Rio San Juan
Playa Grande in Rio San Juan

At the end of our day at the beach a dog came closer, looking for cuddles. I can’t stand seeing these poor stray dogs with sweet and sad eyes because they suffer cruelties from humans and other dogs. That look at you with tenderness and just want some love. They are not treated too well dogs in this country.

Our friend in Playa Grande, Rio San Juan