March 27, 2014

8.42 Rains cats and dogs.

It’s raining so hard that to have breakfast at the café next to the hotel we had to go to the upper floor, where there’s a large room that in the gold days was probably used as dance floor, and we went back down from another staircase. You can’t walk half a meter under the water. Well, you can’t, WE can’t. I’ve just seen a scooter with a family of 4 on it, including a 2 years old kid, covered with a plastic sheet. When you don’ have a car and you have to go some place, I guess you can’t really be difficult.

10.05 Luca is upset because I never speak. Maybe it’s true, but I was checking the hotels in Santiago; if there was something interesting I would have told him. He says that I’m used to be alone and that I like it (we’ve only been dating for a few months and this is my first trip with someone else after a long time). It is true, but I also like being with him.

It’s not raining that much anymore. Luca went to our room, more and more upset.

Now it must have stopped completely because I guy is washing his car. It stopped raining but I don’t want to go anywhere, I would stay here the whole day doing nothing.

4.30 It’s not raining but there’s a strong wind. I’m worried something will struck onto our heads soon. We are at the Comedor Yvelise, the same we had lunch yesterday, for some kid again and a beer. After so much chicken, it’s nice to have a different kind of meat. The sign reads “Benvenidos in Choza”, I almost feel like I’m in Venice (there’s a small town near Venice called “Chioggia” and its pronunciation is similar to Choza, in dialect).

March 28 – 10.33

We are in Monte Cristi, still. It’s cheap and quiet, we need to eat some more good food after 10 days in Haiti.

Today the sun is hot, but on the terrace of the hotel it’s perfect.

Afternoon. Schei fa schei, i peoci fa peoci (money makes money, lice make lice: it’s a Venetian saying, meaning that it’s easier to make money if you already have some, while it’s more likely you’ll be poor all your life if you already are). Luca and I are making projects on how to make money. We are on a bench at the ugly beach of Monte Cristi. The wind is so strong that it moved all the sand and made the beach much larger. We’ll collect lice once we go back home.

Venerd?: si fa festa con casse, musica e birra sul lungomare di Monte Cristi
Friday: it’s party time with speakers, music and beer at the seaside of Monte Cristi.

Today Luca did a good action: there was a shell walking in the middle of the road, clearly lost. He took it and threw it into the water, saving it from certain death.

It’s Friday night and at Terraza Fedora there’s a party. It’s not dark yet but people are drinking and dancing. Seeing how they move at the rythm of this music so sensual, makes me jealous; I hate how I am flexible like a trunk. We spend a few hours admiring the moving people on the other side of the road, then go back to the hotel. A quick slice of pizza from a hole near the supermarket, served by a girl that kept calling me “sweetheart” and “my love”.