April 9, 2014

7 am

It’s only 7am, and I thought I woke up early. But I look out of the window and I see one man cleaning the beach, two guys running. I look out of the other window, other beach: there’s someone swimming, before going to school, someone exercising, the dog taking the owner for some jogging, again, another dog waiting patiently that his human friend finishes to bath. And more people running forth and back in this beach 100m long.

rio san juan

Last night there was a quarter of moon. It was enough to illuminate the sea. The sea is so clear that you can see the rocks beneath even in the night. Time to leave Rio San Juan.

5pm. It’s really hot here in Las Terrenas, I can’t breath. I called mum this morning; she told me she bought a gum little ball for the cats, one of those very jumpy, and Cagliostro is loving it. He plays with it then hides it under his paws. I can tell mum is having fun with the cats, I don’t know why she insists that I should send them away.

Luca has a terrible pain in one ear. It’s probably otitis. We bought a medicine, but it is not miraculous.

Once we arrived in Las Terrenas, we left our bags at the beautiful Casa Robinson and had lunch at an Italian restaurant. Lasagne with aubergine. It’s nice to have something different from time to time.

I don’t like to see white aged men flirting with girls that could be their granddaughters. Las Terrenas is weird because it’s really international. There are Haitians and Italians, French and Italian are as common as Spanish. There isn’t much to see, but that is not too bad, because I have a bit of a headache and Luca that terrible pain in the ear. If tomorrow he’s not better we won’t be able to ride the horses, maybe we’ll go after Las Galeras (where I booked the tree house!).

If I had learnt Reiky better maybe I would know which one is the hearing chakra and I could heal him. But I’m lazy and I don’t know.

6.20 pm. A scene. Nice café by the sea, a juice at 70 RDS (1.30 euro). A pretty Dominican girl with many piercing is dancing while a fat bold man is filming her with his phone, and another old man with a great belly is waiting for the girl to go back to sit next to him to finish her drink. Is she looking for clients or for a possible husband?

<<Once upon a time there was a girl that fell in love with a curly boy with a white beard. Sometimes he doubted this love, what she said she was feeling. But while she looks at his freckles and she gets lost in the blue flower that is his eye, she knows that her love is true and will last forever>>

7.30 pm We are at a cute restaurant owned by a French guy, eating “fish and ship” and “calamarso l’americaine”. But the guy is drunk and luckily there’s a girl helping him, let’s hope he taught her well how to cook (and that he doesn’t sleep with her, she’s too young). Ready. At this time it’s still so hot that only when some breeze comes you feel ok.

Menu a Las Terrenas