9.30am of April 3, 2014

This morning we woke up at 7.30, but stayed in bed playing… Sudoku! Another great breakfast. I would stay here just to have this amazing breakfast every morning, until the 21st of the month. Luca today bought two croissants at the supermarket opposite here.

Last night for dinner we had half a chicken by the street. 250 RDS. I don’t think it was worth it: the chicken was good, but the juta wasn’tn. The juta of the breakfast lady is good, soft, with a bit of oil and the sweet onion. How much I love it! Tomorrow I’ll get the 100 RDS breakfast, with the melted cheese! But is it juCa or juTa?

April 4, 8.24am

Last breakfast in Cabarete. It’s not ready yet this morning. As usual I’m sorry I’m leaving, despite the fact that at the beginning three nights seemed too much. I liked the daily routine: good and big breakfast, walk at the beach, some work and facebook, a bit of beach, dinner, internet again, maybe by the pool. Meanwhile Luca has bought two huge croissants at the supermarket. Here we’ve found the best pastries so far. Today it’s sunny, we could have had some tan, it’s double shame we are leaving.

Since the beginning of the trip every morning we’ve been awaken by something: fighting dogs, roosters, the bray of a donkey and… mosquitos. In the last two nights. Nightmare mosquitos that fly around your ears and sting you 5 times in the butt. Autan and other mosquito killers are useless.

Yesterday I brought a beautiful bracelet in a shop that sells amazing stones and laces.

While we were waiting for breakfast came the suppliers of the cafeteria: an elder man with a bag full of oranges, but they were either too expensive or too small, a pickup full of bananas, of which one bunch ended up at hanging at the entrance of the cafeteria, another pickup with oranges, melons, mango, I don’t need anything thank you.

The 100 pesos breakfast with melting cheese is even better than the other one. I’m happy.

12.16pm BAHIA BLANCA HOTEL, Rio San Juan

This place is amazing. Our room is on the third floor above the sea, we could jump from the terrace. There will be only the waves waking us tomorrow morning.

Bahia Blanca Hotel Rio San Juan
The Bahia Blanca Hotel in Rio San Juan

The hotel is owned by an elder lady from Quebec. The furniture is as old as she is, but I like the white chairs and tables, the stained green sofa, the flowered blanket and the blue plastic curtains. From the two windows I can see the sea, a door opens into a terrace with a sunbed, tables and chairs, the other door opens directly onto the sea (but we are a bit high up). She asked us to pay for one night only because apparently people get tired of Rio San Juan because it’s too quiet and they ask their money back. We’ll see. In the meantime we go swimming. I can see the sea while I’m sitting on the toilet.

6.49am I love this place. Maybe there isn’t much to do, but in this moment I’m on the terrace outside my room, with the sun setting on the sea, I’m reading and writing, with only the noise of the waves and some far away music. What else can I ask for?