Cima Marana in Winter

Cima Marana in Winter

Hiking on

 mount Marana

in Winter

Yesterday, Boxing Day (Saint Stephen here in Italy), I went to Mount Marana (on the Little Dolomites) with my brother, following the usual path that starts at the right of ContrĂ  Gebbani.

There were many more people that had our same idea; it was sunny and warm, even too warm for December.

I must say that it was harder than usual. 

Maybe because I was heavy with winter clothes and a backpack (usually in Summer I hike on shorts and a water bottle), or I was heavy with the Christmas lunch of the previous day; or simply I’m out of shape (I don’t do much activity anymore). 

But at the end it took us the same time as usual (about one hour and 15 minutes).
The path was quite clean and dry until what we call the quarry. From there it was muddy (the snow was melting), with a bit of snow and a short part icy and slippery.

But nothing a 42yo out of shape couldn’t do.

Of course, had there been more snow, I wouldn’t have gone, because I don’t have the tools nor the knowledge.

We didn’t stay too long on the peak, despite the sun it was a bit chilly.

Going back down we met a group of youngster that were going up to spend the night there.

Cima Marana is always a nice walk.

It’s Going to be Perfect!

vieni con me!